Attestation for Kuwait

Looking for Kuwait Attestation for Resident Visa, Employment Visa, Family Visa, Parents Visa, Spouse Visa or any change of Visa status in abroad. You have reached the right place. ND Universal provides services for legalization of documents. Be it you are looking for changing of profession or transferring job, changing the designation for family status or applying for a job with higher salary, attending interviews or writing exams for Kuwait, Getting medical allowances or registering for marriage or birth in kuwait, applying for a passport through single parent, etc, we provide attestation services for all.

We are a professionally managed and established company offering services for legalization of documents from anywhere in the world. Kuwait certificate attestation requires embassy attestation compulsory as it is not a member of Hague Convention.  To know more about attestation services contact us at ND Universal.

Our commitment is to provide various services to our clients under one roof. There are different types of document that require attestation. Educational document, Non Educational Document and Commercial Document. Educational Certificate include Matriculation, Intermediate, Graduation Degree, Post Graduation Degree, Doctorate Degree, Certificates, Diploma and all other professional degree/certificates, Transfer Certificates, Bonafide Certificates, Transcript Certificates, etc. Non Educational Certificate includes Work Experience Certificates, Birth Certificates, Affidavits, Marriage Certificates, Registration Certificates of professional bodies, Power of Attorney, Death Certificates, Migration Certificates, Divorce Certificates, , Internship certificates, Police Clearance Certificates, Medical Certificates, etc. Commercial list of document includes Business agreement, Dissolution of Business, Business Registration certificate, Business Patent, Certificate of Origin, General Power of Attorney, Special Power of Attorney, No Objection Certificate, Income Tax Certificate, Sale Tax Certificate, Memorandum of Articles, Memorandum of Association, Government Approval Letters and all other certificates/documents relating to trade/business, Invoices, etc. Click here to know more about Document Apostille Attestation service.

The process for attestation for Educational documents for Kuwait includes attestation by State Education department of respective state followed with attestation from Ministry of External Affairs and finally from attestation from Kuwait Embassy.

The process for attestation for Non Educational documents for Kuwait includes either attestation from State Department of respective state  or attestation by Maharashtra Home Department or by respective Chamber of Commerce, followed with MEA and finally from kuwait embassy.

The process for attestation for Commercial documents for Kuwait includes attestation from Chamber of Commerce, followed with MEA and finally from kuwait embassy.

The collection and delivery process can be performed either by you or by our representative who can collect and deliver the documents. You can also courier the documents to our office. You can pay the fee for legalization of documents via cheque or through DD in the name of company or you can also pay us by cash or transfer the amount through Net Banking.

Processing time may take up to 12-15 days, depending upon the urgency for legalization one can also go for fast track process. 

We assure you that the service we offer are available at affordable prices and one can contact us and our representative at any point during office hours. 

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